Virtualization For Nolensville Businesses

Virtualizing your hardware means a more superior workflow and more savings in the bank.

Most business owners who are looking for ways to reduce expenses and increase efficiency find their solution in virtualization. Our team of experts can help you transition to a more sustainable IT plan that also eliminates your energy costs and maintenance fees.

But if fully moving your technology to the cloud is not yet an option, HCS’s Virtualization solution is a viable option. It allows you to host multiple physical servers in one virtualized server. This consolidates your IT infrastructure centrally and gives one server the computing power of many.

HCS’s Virtualization solution gives you flexible options such as:

  • Full virtualization - multiple users share a computer system with different user IDs and hosted hardware emulations
  • Semi-virtualization - fully virtualized machine host specific applications
  • Paravirtualization - host multiple OS in on virtualized server

Take advantage of more streamlined processes and significant savings.

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