Client Reviews

We can concentrate on what we do best

Our company can now rest assured that our IT needs are being met by qualified industry professionals. Before we waited until something broke and then waited longer for it to be fixed. By partnering with Ryan Hunt and Hunt's Computers we now have an integrated plan for our IT needs and I know that someone is constantly looking out for us, and anticipating our future needs… not just fixing what is broken at the moment. Ryan and his team are doing the work in the background and we can concentrate on what we do best. Hunt's Computer Solutions is pro-active, understanding our unique situation and needs, helping us develop a long-range plan that meets our agency IT needs, our compliance obligations, and our budget. I understand that when you are small or non-profit as we are that budget is always of primary concern. Having a vested partner over our IT has helped us move our agency forward and gives me confidence as a leader to know we can seize opportunities to extend our reach and grow as an agency because our infrastructure is sound. In the long run, I believe this approach has saved us money.

Traci S. King, MBA
Director of Business Operations
AGAPE, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee

I don’t worry about our technology anymore.

Updating our systems with the latest technology has been the biggest benefit to our company since working with Hunt’s Computer Solutions. With the new technology and support we are now able to be forward thinking to the future. It is nice to know that all aspects of our computer systems are monitored and maintained, and should a problem arise, I can open a ticket and get a response and/or resolution quickly. The best part of doing business with Hunt's Computer Solution, is that I don’t worry about our technology anymore. It’s hard enough to run a business, I do not want to run an IT Department too. That’s why we let Hunt's Computer Solutions handle it.

Kelly Jones
Manager - Business Operations
Anchor Electric, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee

Quick to make things right, Trustworthy

Any time we have a problem or issue, you (Ryan) are incredibly quick to make things right. You are very reliable and always passionate about getting things done right! I appreciate the personal feel of your company. You are trustworthy and that matters a great deal to me.

Josh Graves
Preaching and Teaching Minister
Otter Creek Church, Brentwood, Tennessee

Reliable, trustworthy, and experienced

Our company benefits from the quality of the support services that Hunt’s Computer Solutions provides and their ability to scale those services as necessary to support our growing business. HCS’s responsiveness to support requests and the support provided is better than other IT firms I worked with in the past. Ryan is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced. His company provides us with the tools that we need for current and future growth.

Jim Stefansic, PhD, MBA
President & CEO
Raiven Healthcare, Nashville, Tennessee

One of the best choices I have made

Choosing Hunt’s Computer Solutions was one of the best choices I have made for my business. I wish I had done it sooner. I had a bigger company first, but they were unable to respond to my issues in an efficient manner and they often were incapable of solving the problem with any speed whatsoever. Not so with Hunt’s. After using Hunt’s Computer Solutions for many years, I am always confident that any technical issue that arises will be solved quickly and efficiently. I am able to operate my business with fewer interruptions, and any issue is quickly resolved.

Tara L. Swafford
The Swafford Law Firm, Nashville, Tennessee

A Seamless transfer

I am not sure I can even express all the help you have provided us as we’ve grown with you as our IT partner. You provided our small business with a seamless transfer to an entirely new and larger networking system. In the fast-ever-changing world of computer technology, HCS has kept up with our computer and data protection needs.
We have relied on HCS for advice on how to select everything from phone systems to scheduling software…, and the implementation of both those systems.
The HCS team brings a comprehensive knowledge of both our hardware and software needs to help us grow our small business. I am confident in knowing that any IT issues will be addressed and resolved immediately.

Give them a call today, you won’t regret it.

Berni Scott
SLS Services, Nashville, Tennessee

Fast response times

Hunt's Computer Solutions works hard to know us, to understand our practices, our facilities, and our tech needs. HCS has fast response times to issues that arise. If you are looking for an IT firm, land on the side with Hunt's, they are knowledgeable and responsive.

Vicki Atnip
Church Administrator
Otter Creek, Brentwood, Tennessee

Frees up time for me to work on my business.

I love the fact that HCS is available to problem-solve. I can focus on what I do best, which is not IT. Using HCS frees up time for me to work on my business to better serve my clients! HCS does their best to listen and to understand the needs of my business. Although, my company has unique needs, HCS handles them with ease! Stop doing your own IT and focus on your business. Choosing Hunt's Computer Solutions has been one of the best business decisions that I have.

Troy Von Haefen
Von Haefen Financial Management, Nashville, Tennessee

Dependable service and on time delivery

Hunt's Computer Solutions provides dependable service and on time delivery. They are always available when needed and come with a smile on their face ready to help in any way. HCS does not just provide IT services. They have also been so helpful to us as we've developed new policies and worked with new clients. Ryan not only knows IT, he knows compliance, cybersecurity and what it takes to be a compliant company. You won't get lost in the shuffle when you do business with Hunt's Computer Solutions. They are a top-notch company with the best customer service. They know what they are doing and are willing to help in any way needed.

Paulette Fewell
Senior Director of Operations
Raiven Health, Nashville, Tennessee

Personal and effective assistance

Having someone knowledgeable, available and responsive to our immediate IT concerns has been a great benefit for us. ​There are many good IT companies in the area, but if you want personal and effective assistance with timely follow-up, you will be extremely pleased hiring Hunt’s Computer Solutions for all your IT needs!

Mike Runcie
Executive Minister
Otter Creek Church, Brentwood, Tennessee

Reliable company with great IT knowledge

It is a great benefit to our company to know that we can call and get a fast response and fast service by an expert in the field. I have not ever called Hunt's Computer Solutions and felt like I would be waiting for a long time or had to speak with someone who had no answers for me. Hunt's Computer Solution is a reliable company with great IT knowledge. Call Hunts Computer Solutions, you will not be disappointed!

Delilah Gunn
Administrative Assistant
Donwood Plumbing, Franklin, Tennessee

Knowledgeable, Personal, and Responsive.

Hunt's Computer Solutions gives me the confidence and reassurance that our data and devices are well managed and backed up at all times. HCS provides swift responses and a service ticket process that assures me immediately that any issue has been received and is being fixed. You will be well pleased with HCS to support all your IT needs. Hunt's Computer Solutions is knowledgeable, personal, and responsive.

Dennis Green
Business Manager
Tradition Homes, LLC

I would recommend Hunt’s Computer Solutions in a heartbeat.

It gives me peace of mind to know that someone who an expert in IT is monitoring and maintaining our technical equipment. I would recommend you in a heartbeat to any one that asked for an IT firm.

Chris Wood
Donwood Plumbing, Franklin, Tennessee

Easy to get in touch with

Hunt’s Computer Solutions is easy to get in touch with. When we’ve had an issue, we have always received prompt service. HCS checks into an issue and informs us of the problem, then develops a plan of action. We appreciate Ryan and the relationships he builds with his clients!
Try Hunt's Computer Solutions! They are knowledgeable, dependable and a great locally owned business!

Nancy Morrison
Executive Assistant
Otter Creek Church, Brentwood, Tennessee